First Deposit Bonuses – BitCoin Sportsbooks

first-deposit_news_thumbnailThe first deposit bonus is probably the most important Bitcoin sports-betting bonus that you ever get your hands on. First deposit bonuses are offered all the time, by all leading online betting sites, whether they accept Bitcoins or not, but the Bitcoin bonuses are that little bit more special.

Before you go diving in and claiming Bitcoin first deposit bonuses, let’s take a closer look at them. What are they? How do you get them, and what are the rules regarding first deposit bonuses? In this article, we’ll reveal all of that to you.

What is a first deposit bonus?

In short, a first deposit bonus is a little something sweet, to get you off the mark with your new Bitcoin betting site. Whether it is an online casino or online sportsbook which you are betting at, a first deposit bonus can be crucial.

Generally speaking, a first deposit bonus is a sum of money, which the Bitcoin betting site offers you for making your very first deposit as a new player. It can a little sum of cash, or a big sum, which the amount varying from site to site.

Most first deposit bonuses come as percentage based offers, usually a 100% match. For instance, if you deposit 1BTC at your new Bitcoin betting site, and you’re entitled to a 100% match, then you’ll get the equivalent of 100% of your deposit as a bonus. In short, you’ll get another 1BTC free. This will mean you get a flying start, with 2 Bitcoins in your account instead of your depositing 1BTC.

Instant and unlockable bonuses

Some first deposit bonuses are instantly available in your account from the moment you deposit. Other Bitcoin bonuses are unlocked over time. What kind of bonuses you get again varies from site to site, as do many of the other things we’ll look at with first deposit bonuses.

If your bonus is available instantly, you will need to fulfill wagering requirements before you can withdraw. If it is unlockable, as you fulfill those requirements, chunks of your bonus will become available to you. But what are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are one way that the Bitcoin betting site ensures that you don’t withdraw your bonus and do a runner with their money. After claiming a Bitcoin first deposit bonus, you will need to wager that bonus amount a specific number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. This is a perfectly fair procedure that is used by all major online gambling sites which offer first deposit bonuses, or any other bonuses for that matter.

Second and third deposit bonuses

A first deposit bonus is well, but sometimes, the goodies are even greater. Some Bitcoin betting sites actually offer bonuses on your second and third deposits, too. These will also contain wagering requirements and may not be worth as much as the initial first deposit bonus, but they are still very handy things to have if you need the cash. Some Bitcoin betting sites will actually offer you a deposit bonus on every single deposit you claim, and that can be awesome.

Should I claim these bonuses?

Whether or not you should claim first deposit bonuses and re-deposit bonuses is entirely up to you. There are a number of general rules we’s recommend to help you decide, though. If you don’t need to claim a bonus, then don’t. Also if the wagering requirements are too high (45x or more), then we’d recommend maybe giving it a miss.

However, if your Bitcoin betting site has really good terms, then by all means claim the first deposit bonus. You should always read the terms and conditions of each Bitcoin bonus before you decide to claim it.

Where can I claim first deposit bonuses?

If you are interested in Bitcoin sports bets, then the number one place to visit is CloudBet sportsbook. This Bitcoin sportsbook also runs an online casino, and they have a swell first deposit bonus which you may wish to claim. It is fair, and doesn’t come with exaggerated wagering requirements.

However, if you fancy an online casino gaming session, then mBit Casino comes highly recommended. This site has a large first deposit bonus for new players, and can see them pocket a 110% match when they make their very first deposit as a new player.