BitCoin Betting Apps for iPad

sportsbet-ipad-tablet-appThe iPad is Apple’s leading tablet. iPads are much newer than iPhones, in terms of when they were first released, and they also offer you far greater compatibility with many top Bitcoin mobile casino sites.

Although tablets are not quite as easy to carry around as phones, the iPads is light, it is portable and it is accepted by most major Bitcoin betting sites.

There are a number of different models of these bad boys available to purchase, so it is good to know what you have, before you start wagering your hard earned Bitcoins on Bitcoin mobile casino games.

About the iPad

The iPads is Apple’s tablet computer, as we’ve said. The iPad was first launched in 2010, with the most recent models being the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, being released late last year. Just like the iPhone, Apple’s iOS operating system runs on this device, making it a touchscreen system, with a simplistic and easy to grasp user interface.

The iPad is also fully equipped with Wi-Fi, enabling you to use it almost anywhere with a decent signal. Over 250 million iPads have been sold, although this number is still less than the total amount of Android powered tablet devices out on the market.

The iOS operating system

The iPads uses the iOS operating system, which has been designed and developed by Apple. It is a mobile operating system, and not the same one that is in use in Mac Books. Instead, this operating system is used in portable devices only, such as iPhones or under certain conditions, the iPod Touch.

The most recent iPads will be running the 8.3 version operating system, since that is the newest one available. In honesty though, due to the good graphical capabilities and the all-round stable system, you don’t really need to have the most modern operating system or indeed the newest iPad in general, in order to place Bitcoin bets at mobile casino sites.

Betting with Bitcoins on the iPad

The iPad is capable of permitting its users to make Bitcoin bets. More importantly, it is also fully compatible with the vast majority of major betting sites. Downloading Bitcoin mobile casino app software and installing it on your device may be tricky, due to Apple’s stubbornness over outsider apps.

However, you can always opt to play at your favourite Bitcoin mobile casino sites via your iPads web browser. These instant mobile sites do not require you to download anything, and after logging into your account, you are effectively good to go. iPads and iPhone are widely accepted at almost all major mobile casinos, even those which offer Bitcoin bets.

iPad Apps For BitCoin Sports Betting

One of the few BitCoin betting sites compatible with iPad that we are genuinely happy to recommend is CloudBet. They actually also offer a casino and a live dealer selection of games. Sports markets are available at a really wide range and new players can claim up to 5BTC in free money!