BitCoin Betting Apps for iPhone

iphone2Everybody has heard of the iPhone. As Apple’s primary mobile phone and one of the leading cellular devices in the world, how could you not have? We use mobile phones for practically everything today. No longer are they reserved for phone calls.

We can text, we can browser the net, and we can keep an agenda, listen to music, watch movies and gamble online. Most importantly, we can wager with Bitcoins on our favourite casino games. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the iPhone, and how it can be used to bet Bitcoins on casino games via mobile casino apps and sites.

About the iPhone

A smartphone isn’t something which Android monopolises, for in its very essence, the iPhone is a smartphone, too. The iPhone is designed by Apple, and first launched back in 2007. Currently, the latest model is the iPhone 6, was launched late last year. As with most smartphones, the iPhone is a touchscreen phone, which offers Wi-Fi, making it even easier to place your Bitcoin bets.

Currently, around 15%-21% of the world use Apple iPhones for the day to day needs, which sees it quite far behind Android in terms of sales. Most Bitcoin online casino sites, though, still regularly offer their services to iPhone users.

The iOS operating system

The iPhone is powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. This is a mobile operating system, and can only be found on iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. Over 1 billion devices have been sold with the iOS operating system, with new updates to the operating system being released periodically.

The most release iOS operating system is 8.3, which made its debut in April, 2015. It isn’t easy to upgrade your iOS operating system – since Apple prefers that you buy their newer products – although it isn’t impossible to do so. We’d recommend having at least a somewhat modern iOS operating system on your iPhone, if you wish to play at the very best Bitcoin betting sites.

Betting with Bitcoins on the iPhone

By and large – provided you have a fairly modern iPhone – you should have no difficulty in playing at any Bitcoin mobile betting site. Most iPhone 4 models or newer models will easily be able to run the software which comes as iOS compatible apps. In fact, any iPhone with a decent and up to date web browser should also be readily available to access web based mobile casinos. Because of the sheer number of mobile casino sites which offer Bitcoin betting to iOS operating systems, you should have a lot of choice open to you, when betting with the iPhone.

Where to Bet Sports From an iPhone?

Our choice for everything related to BitCoin Sports Betting is always CloudBet. It’s not because we are related to them in any way, but rather than them currently being far superior in this relatively new niche, than any of the competitors. They have hundreds of betting markets open daily, quick payouts and a great welcome bonus package.

All new players can claim up to 5BTC free on their first 3 deposits, which is one of the most generous bonus deals offered by any BitCoin Gambling Site.