Industry News BitCoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely an Unknown Tech Genius from Australia

BitCoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely an Unknown Tech Genius from Australia

December 11, 2015

bitcoin-craig-wright-640-v2-640x0WIRED, one of the most famous magazines in the world dedicated to technology recently undertook a huge research task. They desired to track down the person whose name stands behind the biggest invention in the modern digital financial domain – BitCoin. Their quest took them all over the world while the breadcrumbs finally began to showcase an emerging pattern.

Pressing on, the team successfully uncovered a single figure – an Australian man called Craig Steven Wright. With him, WIRED is certain that they managed to find the elusive and mysterious maker of BitCoin who remained an enigma until now.

A Guest at the Conference

When he appeared as a speaker at the 2015 BitCoin Investor’s Conference in Las Vegas, the name of Craig Steven Wright did not draw any significant amount of attention. In the company of investors, tech developers and BitCoin pundits, Wright was just another name located in a long list. When his turn came, Wright entered the conference using a Skype video call and even then, the moderator struggled to place him in any relevant context. After all, practically no one ever heard of him or knew what field did he work in.

He introduced himself as a person who holds several master’s degrees and two doctorates, including statistics, law, and other fields. He also called himself a former academic who does research projects that no one ever heard about.

At one point, clearly confused about Wright’s role, the moderator asked when he learned about the existence of BitCoin. Wright did not answer for a few seconds, but he then explained that he has been involved with the cryptocurrency for a long time, but that he tried to keep a low profile. After that, the discussion moved on, but the WIRED research team was certain that the man was inside of himself trying to say that he is in fact the person behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, the original creator of BitCoin.

The BitCoin Genesis

In the ending months of 2008, a paper was produced and posted online, signed by Satoshi Nakamoto, called “BitCoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. In it, the text described how a P2P network could be used to create a system of transactions that did not need an underlying trust.

On 9th of January 2009, the BitCoin code went live and immediately, it began reshaping the domain of financial dealings that are taking place over the Internet. Then and there, Satoshi Nakamoto used the first live BitCoin client and mined the first block which was known as “genesis block”, generating a value of 50 BTC.

Since then, the same digital currency has become an economic and financial miracle and grew from a novelty to a global currency. Since then, people have started to use it for all manner of financial transactions, including everything from online betting that is a lot simpler and more comfortable than traditional options, to huge business deals worth millions of US dollars. Now, the sum value of BitCoin is approaching $5 billion and shows no sign of stopping.

At the same time, while his invention transformed the online financial landscape, Nakamoto remained shrouded in mystery. It was known that he amassed a huge fortune easily one, now certainly in the nine-figure range and that the mind behind the cryptocurrency must be a genius of an almost unparalleled potential.

Even with this natural magnetism for attention, his or her true identity remained one of the biggest enigmas of the 21st century, even though several global news companies tried in vain to find him. But a few months back, WIRED attained information that suggested that the hunt might be coming to a close. That is why they created a crack investigative team and began sniffing through the data, looking for a smoking gun that will point to a person behind BitCoin.

Now, they believe that they did not find truly irrefutable evidence, but are almost certain that Craig Steven Wright is either the man who created BitCoin as Satoshi Nakamoto or an ingenious fraud that is determined to look like him. But, WIRED is leaning towards the first possibility, and here is why.

Evidence Connecting Nakamoto and Wright

Using a source close to the person in question, the team managed to find a post on a blog belonging to Wright, dating back to August 2008, where he expressed his desire to release a paper concerning cryptocurrency is mentioned. Later in November 2008, a PGP public key (a string of characters used in encryption) is seen which can be linked to Satoshi Nakamoto and his email address used to publish the paper a few months later.

Additional posts (now deleted) showcase his apparent desire to launch a P2P platform similar to BitCoin. More leaked transcripts, emails, and forms point towards the same idea, or a new “P2P-based distributed ledger”, including an email to Wright’s lawyer.

Additional facts point towards a Tulip Trust, a trust fund that has 1.1 million BTC, where another PGP signature connects Wright with a huge source of BitCoin currency which was also associated with Satoshi Nakamoto. The same amount of BTC was mined early one when a small processing power could churn out a large amount of this cryptocurrency. Additionally, the same trust fund was not touched since BitCoin began operating as a P2P network.

Finally, some leaked emails with New South Wales officials (attorneys and tax office representatives) show Wright openly talking about “running BitCoin since 2009” and his worry that his determination to hide this fact was in vain.

The Wright Contact

Armed with the weight of evidence, the WIRED team contacted Wright directly but got only a cryptic answer where he neither denied nor confirmed that he is actually the creator of BitCoin. But, he acknowledges that they, in fact, knew a lot of things, including “more than they should”. Yet, he declined a chance to talk with their journalists in person.

Thanks to the absence of the smoking gun evidence, WIRED is hesitant to say outright that he is, in fact, the creator of BitCoin. But, aside from this evidence, there is no doubt that Wright is a C++ coder, a cryptography expert, a libertarian by nature who often opposed tax authorities and also a dedicated, if not a lifelong fan of Japanese culture.

Furthermore, he was included in several BitCoin ventures, including a bank devoted to this cryptocurrency. The leaked data shows his willingness to invest over $1 million connecting his home in eastern Australia with fiber optics, stock it with computers and power sources and mine the first BTC in existence. One of his processing rigs, called Co1n, is disputably the most powerful supercomputer that is privately owned.

Simply put, he seems like a man who would is interested in a range of things connected to the BitCoin culture, from E-Sports to Manga and Anime fandom. The possibility of Wright not being Satoshi Nakamoto seems exceedingly small under so much weight of evidence.

Revealing the Truth

The importance of Craig Steven Wright being the creator of BitCoin is not only a chance to quench some curiosity. His reveal as the Satoshi Nakamoto could provide the cryptocurrency with a needed guiding figure that could resolve the current issues and steady the helm for the years to come, especially when it comes to growth of BitCoin.

While he is currently unresponsive, his online behavior, mainly his tweets, indicates a man who desires to come clean. When he does, as it currently stands, the world will finally get to know the man who created the BitCoin cryptocurrency.

Source: WIRED