Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses weren’t one of the first bonuses to appear on the net, although they have become increasingly popular in recent years. Now, most Bitcoin casinos will award players with free spin bonuses from time to time. They aren’t going to be available on a regular basis, but when you do get the opportunity to claim them, you shouldn’t pass up the offer. If you aren’t sure what free spin bonuses are, read on to discover just how magical they can be, and how they can really boost your online casino gaming experience and wins.

What are free spins?

Free spins are one of the most elementary bonuses in the online casino world. If you’ve ever played an online slot machine game before, you should be familiar with the concept of free spins. If you haven’t, what you are effectively looking at here, are free games, free from charges.

Free spins are played in an online slot machine game, and entitle you take a number of spins on the reels for free, with absolutely no charge. Of course, when you do this, you are also entitled to win real money.

How do I get hold of these bonuses?

In most online casinos and casinos accepting Bitcoins, free spins are classified as either a loyalty bonus, or a welcome bonus. When they are loyalty bonuses, they will often be offered to the casino player as a thank you; a kind of reward for playing games at the casino site, or as a direct result of exchanging loyalty points for prizes.

However, free spin bonuses can also be offered a welcome bonus. When this happens, the player will be given a small number of free spins to try out one (or a handful) of the games at an online casino site, before they deposit.

The casino is hoping that you’ll like what you see – especially if you win real money – so that’ll decide to deposit and become a permanent member of the casino site.

Can I play any slot games with this bonus?

Just what you can use your free spins on depends on the casino. As a general rule, free spins can only be used on online slots. That much you must understand. However, which slot or slots you get to play depends on the particular Bitcoin casino in question, as we’ve said.

Some Bitcoin casinos will give you a handful of choices to use your free spins on. Other Bitcoin casinos will be far stricter, and will stipulate that they must be used on a specific slot. This makes perfect sense, otherwise most players would use their free spins on progressive jackpot slots.

Bitcoin casinos don’t want to pay out millions of pounds to a player for free, for that is not what free spin bonuses were designed for. Nonetheless, you can still win real money with them, but only on the games which the casino says that you can choose from.

What are the wagering requirements like?

It is uncommon for any online casino to have bonuses which do not have any wagering requirements at all. This particular bonus is one of those which may come without these. We’re not promising that your chosen Bitcoin casino will be like this on their free spin bonuses, but it is a possibility.

In the event that your chosen online casino does have wagering requirements, the good news is that they won’t be very large. Free spin requirements tend to be far less than those associated with welcome bonuses, such as match deposit bonuses.

You may wish to base your decision about claiming free spin bonuses, on whether or not the deal has any hidden terms and conditions. Alternatively, you could base your decision on how much the wagering requirements are. Most online slot players make their decisions about free spin bonuses in this way.

How are free spin bonuses different from free spins round in a slot?

The major between free spin bonuses and free spin rounds is that free spin rounds take place on a second screen, and often contain multipliers, and other special features. A free spins bonus is not like that. Instead, they take place in the base game, where your chances of landing huge prizes via special features are considerably less.

Free spin bonuses are also always played on the minimum stake the slot offers, whilst a free spins bonus round (triggering in a regular slot game) is always played at the stake which you triggered the bonus in the first place.

It can therefore be much higher than the minimum bet, meaning you’ll win much more if your free spins round is successful. This doesn’t make free spin bonuses any less amazing, though.