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Live Dealer Lottery for Bitcoins

Live lottery games are not the most popular live dealer games on the net, but that is also because they aren’t the most commonly offered titles.

If you have a bit of an eye for an authentic lottery game, and you are interested in playing with Bitcoins, there are one or two top casino software developers which do offer live dealer lottery software. Before we come to that, though, let us check out what live dealer lottery games are all about.

live dealer lottery

Live Dealer Lottery as It Is Offered by mBit Casino


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About live dealer lottery

You probably already have some idea about how most live dealer casino games work. Given that live dealer lottery games are not exactly hot or in-demand, you may not know how they work, or even which games are offered. Fortunately, that is where we come in.

Generally speaking, the player loads up the dealer software in their favourite Bitcoin casino, and then they will either be handed a random ticket, or they can pick their own numbers from those available on the screen.

A real life dealer will then draw numbers from a pot, to constitute the winning numbers in the lottery draw. He or she will do this via a live video stream from a casino studio, directly to your computer. That is the beauty about live dealer games: they are as authentic as you’re going to get with current technology.

After the numbers have been drawn, they will be compared to those on your ticket, and if there’s a match or a winning combination, you will be paid out for that win.

Ezugi’s live dealer lottery game

Ezugi run two lottery based games in their live dealer software suite. Firstly, there is the plain, standard, lottery game. Every four to six minutes, a lottery is held, and you can win. There are no pre-recordings with this software; everything is done live.

This game runs as a Pick 6 title, whereby players must pick six numbers from a total of 49. You can access HD quality lottery games, live chat, mobile, and three types of betting features with their lotto game.

Ezugi’s live dealer keno game

Ezugi’s other lottery game is keno. A total of 20 balls will be drawn from a total of 80 in this lottery game, and players can pick between 1 and 8 balls on their ticket. The more balls that the player matches, the more they will win.

Ezugi’s keno game offers quick and simple betting, classic and full screen modes, HD quality streams, live chat features and the ability to play slot and table games at the same time. This game runs in exactly the same way as Ezugi’s lottery game, with the dealer choosing balls from a pot.

Which is better?

Both of these games are hugely similar, but at the same time, quite different. Confused? Allow us to clear up that remark. Keno is a game played with 80 balls, where you can match as few or as many as you wish. Lottery games require players to land 6 to win a jackpot, and anything less is worth a considerably smaller win.

Which one is better depends entirely on what kind of game you wish to play. Some people prefer keno, as it is more like bingo. Other players prefer the traditional lottery game, as it is played just like the traditional lottery game which they know and love. Given that we’re talking about the online gambling world, how you wish to your Bitcoins is totally up to you, and which version of these two famous lottery number based games you love.

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