Opinion Changing Personal Small Carbon Footprint Transport with BitCoin

Changing Personal Small Carbon Footprint Transport with BitCoin

September 17, 2016

ebikeThe world is slowly but surely starting to feel the crunch of the global climate changes. Inside of the incredible but fragile ecosystem that is the Earth, human activity, and wasteful emissions began a process that is becoming more and more apparent. In the coming future, many experts believe that all issues will merge into a single problem of climate change and that there will be no escaping it.

At the same time, there is a level of fair distribution of mystery that might be expected because the problem is global, even though the poor parts of the globe will bear the initial brunt of the changes. But, as years become decades, it is certain that the developed nations will feel the force of our neglect.

At that time, aside from the grimmest apocalyptical scenarios which most likely will not come about simply because the human kind is so resourceful and unrelenting, the world as we know it will be changed. A lot of things taken for granted will be placed under extraordinary pressure. This is especially true for the nationwide services provided by the governments.

When the crunch becomes stronger, these will be placed under an incredible amount of strain, which will lead to some of these breaking down. This does not only include the worse scenario – in many ways the same process is slowly beginning in numerous nations. In this domain, transport and commuting will be especially burdened. As more and more people begin ever longer commutes to their place of work or some other destination, public transport will struggle to keep up.

But, thanks to the ingenuity of a huge number of engineers and business leaders, the solutions for boosting the capacity of individual transportation means are constantly growing. Because of this, they come in the form of both individual technical solutions and startup companies which offer something new to the personal transport.

Now, with the help of the bitcoin platform, their smart solutions can be scaled up to a point where they are not simply gadgets or novelty options but true services. Here is the breakdown of essential domains where BTC would be able to change personal transport for the better.

Car Sharing Services

These services are already established and along with the taxi-alternatives like Uber and Lyft, they are becoming huge disruptors of the regular transport industry. But, they have many shortcomings and most of these are related to the monetization models.

However, with the use of BTC, any new startup could provide a hybrid environment for user payments. Like online betting using bitcoin does not endanger the regular forms of betting with traditional currencies, the same rule would apply here. This way, the users would be free to decide whatever works best for them as a payment method.

Gigantic companies like those mentioned might feel that this is too much hassle, but the smaller ones have all the reasons in the world to go for this. Aside from getting new customers, these would also provide the bitcoin networks with a new means of direct BTC payments.

Whenever this happens, users flock to open digital wallets knowing that their funds have a new purpose which everyone needs at some point. At the same time, the blockchain system of the networks could be expanded to include ways of creating a network of users and a method of ride booking, among other things.

All of this would make any BTC-based car sharing or rental service a lot more streamlined for its owners and users. With a service like this, the impact of the changing status of public transportation would easily be compensated in urban centers, at least in part, with companies that offer these options.

Changing Cycling

Undoubtedly, bicycles are the means of personal transportation that, besides automobiles, left the biggest mark on the global civilization. Since they were invented, the humble bicycle managed to provide millions with a means of cheap and effective personal transport. Aside from the initial investment, the power to ride a bicycle comes from the rider itself, which is at the same time its biggest drawback when it comes to things like speed and range.

However, thanks to the modern technology, this can be overcome using electric bikes. These come with small and compact electric motors, along with a small battery. The same auxiliary system at moments enhances the rider’s power. This way, the bike can become a lot more like a short-range motorcycle, which boosts the maximal speed of the vehicle and the distance it can cover.

Currently, these are expensive and arrive on the national markets through a limited scope. By involving BTC in the funding process, a lot of companies could be started in developed nations and immediately start producing these on their own.

This way, the e-bikes would get a chance to come to the markets which need them the most – regions like those in much of Asia, Africa, and South America could flourish with a steady supply of effective bikes. So far, the notion might seem too similar to the moped products that have long since flooded these markets, but unlike any internal combustion vehicles, these are a lot cheaper for maintenance.

When this notion is combined with a power-producing industry that also employs BTC, the solution for charging these e-bikes could also be both green and efficient.

Novel Ideas

The modern industry is slowly witnessing the idea that all domains are gradually becoming like the IT- out of the box thinking can bring about incredible results. As, for example, video games became eSports so do other industrial concepts have to reimagine themselves constantly. Today, dozens of companies are trying to push the limits of personal transport; the door opened by the Segway Company continues to expand.

From e-skateboards to devices that are still waiting to get named, it is clear to all that a small carbon footprint, along with autonomous and affordable maintenance, is the way forward. None of these will soon replace the car or the public transportation, but their presence will greatly diminish their pressure on the environment and the society.

In this process, bitcoin can act as the ideal medium for financing these endeavors and allow them to operate on a more advanced level. Additionally, its network can also be used to strengthen their IT infrastructure and provide the users with even more benefits. For this to happen, the development should press forward and allow BTC to embed itself naturally when the moment arises for each individual project.