Opinion Cryptocurrency Market Outlook during the Incoming Recession

Cryptocurrency Market Outlook during the Incoming Recession

November 5, 2022

In the present day, even the most optimistic economic analysis believes that a global recession is all but certain. That includes much of the world and no individual region or country will be spared from it. In many ways, the same recession will mimic that of 2008 and 2009, but with the potential to be a lot longer. That is why some financial institutions believe that a 24-month period is a very short time frame for the same recession to end. However, unlike the previous global recessions, this one has a range of unknown elements that are all pressing down on the economy of the world. In that setup, the notion that crypto would be in a very good position thanks to its lack of connection to the mainstream financial sector. 

But, recent years showed clearly that the same domains are now very much connected through price movements and overall market cap. Thanks to that, the safe bet is that crypto will see a massive loss of value during the recession as well. But, the question remains what happens after that when the recession stabilizes? Just as important is the question of where does the cryptosphere actually want to go when the global economy slowly winds down drastically. Both answers might lie in the combination of the technical side of cryptocurrencies and their social standing in terms of how useful they are to individuals and organizations. 

Bank of England Estimate

The Bank of England recently published a very worrying report on the state of the UK economy and its future. While all crypto-interested esports players, tech enthusiasts, and other early adopters already know, cryptocurrencies do not operate as the mainstream economy. However, the UK report can act as a type of canary in the coal mine, showcasing the dangers and issues that everyone will soon face, no matter how connected they are to the overall economy. The Bank of England believes very hard times are up ahead. The report forecasts a recession in the country that will last for two years. In that 24-month period, unemployment will rise to over 6 percent, and the present historic lows in the terms of the same measurement will be long gone. 

The impact of the recession should not be very deep and encompassing, but its long-lasting effects will be felt over the entire decade, even if it were to end in 2025. Cryosphere can only take warnings from the same report. The individuals who are trading in the same domain are likely clueless about ways how they can save their holdings. On the other hand, big companies and other entities that hold bitcoin and other digital currencies are now in all likelihood planning ways to cut their losses and protect corporate coffers. Some might be holding fast but these are a minority and everyone can figure out the same using nothing more than social media chatter. All of this points towards a new and drastic fall in the prices of stocks and thus, digital currencies as well.

Long Crypto Winter

No matter how the coming recession will begin and define itself in its early phase, it is safe to say that no one can figure out how the world might avoid it, even narrowly. Instead, an apparent agreement across the board is that the recession is both coming and will be very brutal. The crypto domain will not avoid it and will instead be pulled for the ride. The good news, in some way, is that the crypto domain is already in a state of a slump. It began several months ago and stipulates the essentials of a crypto winter. Now it is clear that the winter period will be also long and hard, while any notion of a quick recovery is now well and truly dead in the water. 

Furthermore, the present levels are not something that many believe cryptocurrencies can successfully defend. That means that the only way forward includes another drop in both the price of tokens and the overall crypto market capitalization. The bottom for that crash is anyone’s guess but many are certain that the crash of 2020 might be a good starting point for any comparison.

New Crash Incoming

All things being equal, there is a sense of certainty that a new crash is incoming. A similar situation began forming at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Here, a breakdown in market activity came in March of the same year, when the markets crashed. The same happened to the cryptocurrency market, as bitcoin reached a price of nearly 4,000 USD. 

The collapse was triggered by the understanding that there will be no easy way out of the pandemic. Instead, the world would have to claw its way out of the same predicament, working month by month to reach a situation where the global supply chain and the economy that it supports work normally once again. Right now, the market appears to be in a similar tight spot and the way out has to be found but only once the bottom is reached. A crash along with that of crypto prices is likely going to be that bottom.

Investment in Development

As the turmoil around the markets continues, the developers working in the same niche of crypto platforms know all too well what they need to do. No matter where the token prices and market caps go, they will have to invest massive amounts of time and energy into the development of their networks and systems. That is why the crypto winter periods are so essential to all who want to create sustainable projects and offer users actual solutions to their problems.

During the market slowdowns, the same is the prime period for doing a lot of testing and trials, while the developers figure out what works and what does not. It is true that many projects simply will not survive during the same slowdown, but the ones who do and work on their offer will emerge from the recession stronger and primed for an even larger level of success.