E-Sports Betting

Betting E-Sports With BitCoin

esports-bettingPractically every human being has an unquenchable need for entering competitions.

This need constantly pushes people, both as a group and as individuals, to try to improve themselves and become better at what they do. It is also the essential foundation of both sports as a phenomenon and its spectator side.

This simple need created the basic foundation that is today still the essence of spectator sports. From the earliest days of human organized society, spectator sports were created and they began to attract huge numbers almost immediately. As the civilization grew, so did the sports, becoming ever more organized and diversified.

Today, there are thousands of different spectator sports, divided into hundreds of categories. But, as humanity entered a new, digital era, so did the spectator sports began to move into the online realm, where they became known as E-Sports. Today, they are the fastest growing spectator competitions on the planet. On the other hand, BitCoin, one of the fastest growing currency, can make these sports even more thrilling.

What are E-Sports?

Electronic Sports, or E-Sports for short, represent multiplayer video games that are played competitively and with an access to an audience that can watch and enjoy the same competition. Like regular sports, E-Sports have their competitors and star players, which possess superior skill at one or more games.

In theory, any video game that can be played in PvP, or Player vs. Player mode can become an E-Sport, but when it comes to genres that are most popular, E-Sports mostly cover real-time strategies in a variety of shapes and forms, first-person shooters and battle arena action games.

Thanks to the modern video streaming technology, all of these can be watched easily online, which makes them ideal for betting that involves BitCoin. In this fantastic merger of two great technologies in a fully digital age, people who enjoy E-Sports can make bets using BitCoin and provide themselves with a completely new and engaging level of fun and excitement.

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The Games that Rule the E-Sports Domain

During the late 2000’s, the advancements in broadband Internet access allowed individuals to both play games online and to broadcast their matches live. Because of this, while E-Sports existed before this, in this period the true giants of the sports started to emerge, mostly built as adaptations of popular single-player games and their engines.

Today, thanks to their gradual rise to fame, E-Sports have their most popular sport: Dota 2, or Defense of the Ancients 2, which was built on the basis of the Warcraft 3 strategy game. Dota series improved the idea of a multiplayer real-time strategy by providing the players with direct control over a single avatar while the rest of the game elements are controlled indirectly.

Almost immediately, Dota became a huge hit in the E-Sports domain and now, The International Dota 2 Championships is one of the biggest events of this kind on the planet. It and other Dota 2 competition in 2015 boasted a collective prize fund of 26 million US dollars.

League of Legends or LOL is an online battle arena, which is a bit younger than Dota, but features a very similar game mechanic. Because of its impressive visual design and a huge popularity in Far East Nations, mainly China, Taiwan and South Korea, League of Legends World Championship and other competitions have a prize fund 6 million US dollars.

Following LOL is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a first-person shooter that is also a mode of the famous Half-Life game, as well as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a multiplayer mode from the most popular first-person shooter series on the planet.

Amongst the big players of the E-Sports is finally the Blizzard Company, which dominates the domain of classic real-time strategy with their StarCraft 2, card collecting games with their free-to-play Hearthstone, but also has a strong presence in battle arena genre with Heroes of the Storm. Finally, as a colossus of the Massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, Blizzard’s WOW or World of Warcraft and its PvP domains are also a huge attraction for E-Sports fans.

Naturally, forward-thinking online casinos like VitalBet and the mBit Casino recognized the popularity of E-Sports. Both of these offer a chance to bet on these E-Sports, but also to do it using BitCoin, making the process not only easy but potentially wildly lucrative for all fans of any of these games.

Combining E-Sports and BitCoin

As the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, BitCoin is an absolute favorite for all those who wish to use this form of a fully digital monetary system. Naturally, betting with it makes a lot of sense, because it provides a range of advantages when compared to traditional means.

Essentially, using BitCoin to bet on E-Sports allows for a quick, secure and anonymous transaction that can be exceedingly small, and cover only a fraction of a single BitCoin. Here, complex and restrictive jurisdictions that plaque regular betting portals can be completely avoided.

This freedom makes betting completely free of any legal hassle while at the same time it remains completely safe and secure. Most of those who enjoy E-Sports are tech savvy, but using this form of currency is exceedingly easy and effective.

This is the reason why VitalBet and BitCasino.io attract so many people who want to bet of big matches and tournaments, both in terms of BitCoin veterans and those who are only entering the world of this cryptocurrency.

Finally, BitCoin transactions include either very small fees or no fees at all, allowing the fans of E-Sports to hold on to more of their money during their betting sessions. In other words, wagering on any of the popular E-Sports using BitCoin is a very effective and elegant way of betting. With it, all those who love competitive video games and E-Sports, in general, can really receive a method of betting that is simply better than all of its alternatives.