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counter_strike_go_1War might be hell, but the sheer thrill of experiencing combat from the first person perspective is something that continues to fascinate people. It is easy to see why: the field of battle, with its chaos, explosions, and bullets flying around seems like a dangerous and exhilarating place. Many art forms deal with this topic, but none succeeded as much as video games in transmitting this sense of excitement.

Today, these games are called first-person shooters or FPS and they are extremely popular for almost two decades with a range of different gamer types, especially when these games began to be enjoyed in multiplayer. Here, people got a chance to fight against each other, first in LAN networks and then online, which allowed the FPS genre to become even more popular. In this domain, one game proved to be the most popular of them all and it was called Counter-Strike or simply CS.

Parallel to this, the concept of E-Sports or Electronic Sports also started to get more and more noticed. As an ever-larger number of players began to compete in video games on a very serious level, so did the interest to watch these competitions and tournaments begin to rise.

Now, E-Sports are an established form of entertainment for many people all over the world, while some of them even take the opportunity to bet on them using cryptocurrency like BitCoin. In the same domain, Counter-Strike continues to be the dominant game when it comes to pure FPS genre and for all the good reasons. Here are some of the main points why so many tune into video streams of CS E-Sports events and also bet on them.

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The CS Approach: Simple and Deadly

Counter-Strike, sometimes also called Counter-Strike 1.6, was designed all the way back in 1999 as a mod for the game Half-Life. As a super-hit, Half-Life enchanted with its groundbreaking story and many other elements, but a small, two-man team recognized the power of its 3D engine and decided to make a multiplayer first-person shooter from it.

In less than a year, they created a very simple but brilliant game. In it, two teams were created at the beginning of an every match. First one was the counter-terrorist team while the other comprised of the terrorist crew.

The second one was in the possession of a bomb, which they had to plant at the opposite end of the map while the counter-terrorists needed to stop them from doing this. Whoever succeeded in this became the winner of that individual match, but there are also different rules and objectives (besides the bomb plot) that can be played.

Almost immediately, CS became world-renowned for its amazing and fast-paced action and a multitude of weapons and tactics any player could exert, both individually and in accordance with the rest of their team.

Things like grenade attacks, sniping and lurking became just some of the buzzwords which flooded the excited CS community, thanks to the game’s gameplay that never became dull not even for a moment. It did not take long for the game to become a recognized E-Sport, with many teams competing against each other for the chance to become the best one. Since then, the game received many upgrades, with Counter-Strike: Source currently as one of the most played. At the same time, many of the game’s players became international superstars.

The CS E-Sports Following and Tournaments

The game of CS is played competitively all over the world, with the best teams coming from South Korea, North America and especially Europe, where the Swedish teams are among the best in the sport. Currently, a player by the name of Patrik Lindberg, using a nickname of f0rest is the most successful CS player because he managed to earn 355,000 US dollars in his career. As for tournaments, they might provide less money that their real-time strategy competitors from the E-Sports domain, but are very frequent and take place in many nations.

For example, the DreamHack Tournament that takes place in Romania’s Cluj-Napoca has a prize pool of 250,000 US dollars and it is just one of a large number of similar events. Combined, the recent tournaments collectively have given out more than 2 million US dollars to the best teams and players.

Because of this, it is no wonder that online casinos like BitCasino.io and mBit Casino offer very exciting betting options for all those fans of this E-Sport who would like to make a bit of money on their favorite spectator sport.

Giving the CS Action a New Edge

There is no doubt that watching CS tournaments and competitions is a true joy ride. But, placing a bet on a person’s favorite team can provide some additional excitement to this thrilling E-Sport.

Here, using BitCoin to make online bets is a great option because it provides some essential benefits that traditional online casinos simply do not have.

Using VitalBet or BitCasino.io provides a person with a completely anonymous, secure and effective way of betting on any CS event. As a cryptocurrency, BitCoin has no downside that follows online casinos operating with regular currencies, and it also allows players to make bets, even very small ones, without having to pay large transfer fees. In fact, some BitCoin transactions come without any fee whatsoever.

All of this makes online betting using BitCoin the ideal partner for all those who want to make their enjoyment in CS E-Sport events even more entertaining and lucrative at the same time.