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World-of-WarcraftBlizzard Entertainment is by any standard a legendary game development company. Because of this, it is no accident that they managed to infuse the gaming industry with game-changer innovations several times since they started operating all the way back in 1991.

During the last quarter of a century, the same company brought into the world only a handful of games, but all of these became incredible hits, not only according to their sales figures but also according to the sheer impacts that they had not only on their genres but the industry as a whole. At the same time, Blizzard’s releases always had a distinctive competitive streak that made them exceedingly popular in multiplayer, even though many games were designed with the purpose of providing a single player experience.

Because of this embedded competitive spirit, Blizzard games set the foundation for many E-Sports or Electronic Sports competitions. While E-Sports were only getting shaped as a form of entertainment and spectator sport, Blizzard games like, for example, StarCraft, were already famous as the definite multiplayer strategy in the world.

With this in mind, it is clear the E-Sport and Blizzard Company are two notions that went hand in hand almost since the ending years of the 20th century. But, in 2004, the company released a game that provided their biggest release to date and set a new benchmark for future E-Sports competitions. The game in question was World of Warcraft or simply WoW, which is MMORPG or a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

From that moment on, the world of online games in whole changed irreversibly and so did the domain of E-Sports. Now, WoW is so widespread that people enjoy it as an E-Sport all over the world. In fact, many of those even bet on it using BitCoin, which makes the entire experience even more interesting.

Now, WoW is the MMORPG game in which the best players clash for a chance to win hundreds of thousands of US dollars in prize money and are being watched by countless millions eager E-Sports fans. Here are the reasons being the popularity of WoW and other relevant things about the game that is one of the most important elements when it comes to E-Sports.

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How is WoW Played?

In its essence, WoW presents a core role-playing gaming mechanic. This means that in its fantasy world of humans of Azeroth, Orks and many other enchanted creatures and magical realms, the players gain control over a single avatar. The same avatar is then taken into the world where other players reside as well and here, they begin to embark on quests, which provide them with experience points and rewards.

When a sufficient amount of points is received, the avatar can level up and become more powerful. This process of avatar building is the backbone of the game, but it also includes many more fascinating options and features like equipping the avatar with magical items, weapons, armor or even beasts they can ride.

But, when the game enters the E-Sports domain, it becomes even more interesting. Here, the players using their avatars enter so-called PvP (Player vs. Player) areas, where they use all at their disposal to defeat the opponents. Here, WoW can be played in several variations, including 3-on-3 or even bigger teams. In these matches, it is not only speed and tactics that count, but also the in-depth knowledge of the Warcraft world and its minuscule details.

Blizzard as a company is also very interested in expanding the appeal of WoW as a spectator E-Sport, which is the reason why they are constantly upgrading the spectator view for the audience and even thinking about a Raid mode of competition, where the gameplay would be organized differently than the simple PvP arenas.

There is a bright future ahead of WoW as an E-Sport, and online casinos like BitCasino.io and VitalBet recognized this, which is why they offer the superb opportunity to bet on it using BitCoin. As the WoW E-Sports domain grows, so will the possibility to bet on it, and here, nothing beats cryptocurrency like BitCoin.

The Popularity of WoW

Currently, there are more than 5 million active WoW players, and many of them are E-Sports professionals. One of the key events of the E-Sport is the BlizzCon competitions that take place annually, but also features a constantly enlarging prize money pool. This is why, for example, the BlizzCon tournament in WoW in 2011 had a prize fund of 120.00 US dollars, but the same tournament in 2014 had a fund that grew to 250.000 US dollars.

It is true that many other E-Sports might have bigger prizes and more impressive tournaments, but WoW as a game has a tight community that will undoubtedly support it in the future. This makes WoW somewhat of a niche E-Sport, but still one that can not only provide fun and excitement for its viewers but also a chance to earn a hefty profit in the best cryptocurrency in the world.

Betting on WoW

To those who enjoy World of Warcraft, betting on its competitions and tournaments will most likely sound like a great idea, especially if the same betting can be completed using only BitCoin. As the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, BitCoin is an ideal medium for online betting and is not hampered by complicated legislation or national laws.

With it, users get a completely anonymous system of monetary transactions, which are also fully secure and effective, even to a point where many transactions do not ask for any fees while others include only incredibly small ones. Specialized casinos, mainly mBit Casino and BitCasino.io provide this opportunity to all those who want to be immersed in the WoW domain even further with online betting.

With the possibility of betting using BitCoin, everyone who is interested in this E-Sport can now make it a lot more exciting and also earn money while they watch their favorite players battle it out in World of Warcraft.