Guide To BitCoin Deposit/Withdrawal Process at a BitCoin Gambling Site

Gambling Deposits/Withdrawals With BitCoin

transactionBitcoin is the number one online crypto-currency, though its presence in the online casino world is only just starting to grow. If you’ve got your hands on some Bitcoins, you can actually use them to play your favourite online casinos.

As long as you have a Bitcoin wallet, you shouldn’t have any difficulty depositing at Bitcoin accepting casinos.

But how? This quick and easy guide will let you in on everything you need to know to be able to play at online casinos using Bitcoin. First, though, you’ll need to be playing at an online casino which accepts Bitcoins. We would always recommend mBit Casino, or Cloud Bet Casino for that.

Depositing via Bitcoin

Obviously, you must have some Bitcoin currency in your Bitcoin wallet before you can start to play at online casinos. If you haven’t’ already, then you need to purchase some Bitcoins from an exchange, seller or ATM. Once you have some, the process isn’t any different than depositing using any other payment method at the site.

Simply log into your casino account, click on banking (or the relevant section of your casino), and choose Bitcoin as your payment method. You can then follow the onscreen instructions in order to complete the transaction.

Benefits of using Bitcoin to deposit

There are perks to depositing at online casinos using Bitcoin. Firstly, all of your transfers are completed instantly. Unlike some other payment methods, which may take a while to land, your Bitcoin deposits will be immediately accessible.

You will also notice that some Bitcoin accepting casinos have special bonuses, if you choose to deposit using this payment method. Casino bonuses and comp points are always going to be welcome by any player who chooses to deposit using Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a completely anonymous payment method, which means that you will not have to provide identification documents in order to prove your identity. You can effectively deposit and withdraw at casinos via Bitcoins as you see fit. With no delays in that department, who isn’t going to jump for joy?

Player restrictions are also made null and void by choosing to deposit via Bitcoin. Bitcoin accepting casinos will generally accept players from anywhere in the world, and since Bitcoin affords anonymity to its players, it doesn’t really matter where you reside.

Withdrawing via Bitcoin

Withdrawing via Bitcoins is just as easy a process as depositing with this payment method. You can select the Bitcoins payment method from the casino’s list of options and then withdraw. It really is as simple as that. More importantly, once you have chosen to withdraw via Bitcoins, the transaction is completed quicker than virtually all other payment methods on the net.

Because of this, many players actually prefer to withdraw their Bitcoins after every gaming session they have. There’s no harm that can come of it.

You can always quickly deposit more Bitcoins back into your account should you decide to play again. It should also be mentioned that when you deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin, not only are you getting instant transaction times, you are also ensuring that no fees are charged.

Players aren’t going to be charged for making any deposit or withdrawal via Bitcoin, which means that you get even more for your money.