Industry News Play Live BlackJack Like Sodapoppin – But With BitCoin

Play Live BlackJack Like Sodapoppin – But With BitCoin

December 9, 2015

We’ve seen a nice increase in interest for live dealer blackjack and it’s mainly thanks to a guy who calls himself Sodapoppin. Apparently he’s mainly into e-sports, but does not say no to some high stakes live blackjack action. The video You can watch below went viral very quickly and for a good reason – we find it hilarious.

Where Is Sodapoppin Playing?

Many players have been curious about where exactly are these live blackjack games being played at? In case of the stream, the brand is called BetOnline and it’s accepting players from all countries worldwide.

Having that said, there also are many comments about the fact that this brand has been slow-paying players for a while now. We can’t really tell You whether that’s true, but they surely take a while to payout, when compared to most BitCoin casino sites.

Play Live BlackJack With BitCoin Instead

All players, but especially those located in the United States, should choose BitCoin live blackjack instead of FIAT one. Why? Because most casinos, but definitely those endorsed by us, will pay Your winnings instantly. That’s right, Your winnings will reach Your wallet in minutes not days or weeks.

Here’s how You can start playing live blackjack in a matter of minutes:

  1. If You don’t have any BTC, purchase them from reputable places, such as CoinBase.
  2. Join a site offering live dealer games, we recommend either mBit Casino or CloudBet.
  3. Choose between studios located in Europe, Latin America, UK or Canada.
  4. Start playing!

BitCoin Over FIAT

Here’s why You should play BlackJack or any casino games using BTC instead of regular currency:

  1. Instant withdrawals
  2. No KYC checks – avoid waiting for documents to be approved and what not. All the casino needs is Your e-mail address. If You don’t want to share Your personal details, You don’t have to!
  3. Fee-less withdrawals. Forget about paying $10 to $100 for withdrawing Your winnings. BitCoin transactions are free.

Don’t Make Basic Strategy Mistakes

Sodapoppin, while a hilarious guy, has made some very silly money management and BlackJack basic strategy mistakes. Here’s how You can play better than him:

Leave enough money behind to either split or double. When You get 8-9-10 or 11 against dealers 5 or a 6, doubling provides You a big advantage. Same with doing splits against a bad dealers first card. When betting it all on one hand, You cut this option out and it can be a crucial aspect for winning in this game.

Don’t split tens, ever. Even though Ben Campbell did it in the movie “21”, You should never split two tens, regardless of what the dealer has. It’s only a profitable play if You are keeping track of the count. Due to live dealer casinos re-shuffling the deck often, card counting to gain an advantage is impossible.

No Bonus Bets. These are for suckers and always feature the highest house edge of any BlackJack wagers possible. These often go into double digits, so even though the payouts might be higher than those for regular wagers, they are highly -EV.

Insurance Helps You Lose Money. Never take insurance in BlackJack. It’s designed to improve the house edge even more, so why bother? Yes, dealer will have the BlackJack a high percentage of the time, but it’s still not an optimal play.