BitCoin Poker Guide Bitcoin Poker Bonuses

Bitcoin Poker Bonuses

extra bonusBitcoin poker bonuses aren’t really any different than other Bitcoin betting bonuses. Admittedly, they can appear confusing at first, and that can makes things challenging.

However, a quick review of what kinds of Bitcoin poker bonuses there are, and a little patience on your part can see you rapidly understand what is out there for you to claim, when you play at a Bitcoin poker website.

We’re going to be looking at the many different types of Bitcoin poker bonuses, and we’ll tell you what they do, how you can claim them, and most importantly, where you can claim them. If you love playing poker with Bitcoins and you want to claim bonuses, then this is your lucky day.

First deposit bonuses

Even though some Bitcoin poker bonuses may be different than your standard, run-of-the-mill casino bonuses, most of them aren’t. One of those which isn’t is a first deposit bonus. This bonus isn’t exclusive to Bitcoin poker sites, so if you’ve ever played at any online gambling domain before, you should be familiar with it.

What a first deposit bonus does is basically entitle you to a certain amount or a percentage of bonus cash, when you make your first deposit at a Bitcoin poker site as a new player. This much needed cash should easily be able to keep you going for a short while, whilst you become accustomed to your new site, and what kinds of games its offers. You might even be able to use it to win some serious cash.

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No deposit bonuses

If a first deposit bonus is a bonus which is offered when you make your first deposit, then you should easily be able to understand what a no deposit bonus is. That’s right, it is a bonus which is offered to you without you needing to make a single deposit at all.

This bonus certainly won’t be worth as much cash as a first deposit bonus, but the small sum of money it is worth should enable you to try out some of the games that a Bitcoin poker site has to offer. You may even win some real money with it, and most importantly it won’t cost you a penny.


Most online poker sites host tournaments. It is common knowledge that in order to compete in many of these big-money online poker tournaments, you are going to have to buy your way into them. However, freerolls ensure that you don’t have to. These bonuses are often offered to new players, and then they become known as new depositor freerolls. Freerolls permit players to stake money on big poker games, without risking losing a lot of their own loot.


Rakeback on the other hand, are a crafty little bonus. Most Bitcoin poker sites will take a slice out of the buy-in fees for themselves, to turn a profit. The amount they take is rather in-affectionately called a rake. Many online poker sites now offer “rakeback” which can see poker players pocket a slice of the rake for themselves. Normally, you’ll have to play a lot, or wager larger sums of cash in order to get a decent rakeback, but it is still a Bitcoin poker bonus which is open to you sometimes.

Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonuses cover everything and anything at Bitcoin poker sites. For instance, some loyalty bonuses may provide you with free entry into special poker tournaments, whilst other Bitcoin poker bonuses which are loyalty based, may offer you cash back, free chips, an larger rakeback rate, loyalty points, or entry into special satellite tournaments. There’s not really any way to classify what you can get with loyalty bonuses, as they vary from site to site.

Where can I claim these Bitcoin poker bonuses?

If you’re interested in playing online poker with Bitcoins, then there is certainly one place we’d recommend trying your hand at. That place is CloudBet. They have excellent poker games, and they aren’t shy about offering you some top Bitcoin poker bonuses, either.

Some of the aforementioned poker bonuses can be found at CloudBet, as well as access to casino games and sports betting, if you’re interested in taking a break away from Bitcoin poker gaming.