First Deposit Bonuses

first-deposit_news_thumbnailWhen playing online poker, a first deposit bonus is quite essential. Whether you are going to be playing for high stakes or low stakes, a first deposit bonus should see you with enough cash to easily tackle any game you wish to play. Of all the Bitcoin poker bonuses, first deposit bonuses are perhaps the most important.

You are probably only going to get one shot at claiming a first deposit bonus, so it’s imperative that you understand exactly what you’re claiming and how they work. Here are a few more details about these big-money Bitcoin poker bonus offers.

What is a first deposit bonus?

A first deposit bonus at a Bitcoin poker site is pretty straight forward to grasp, if you take a moment or two to understand it. Right after you have signed up at an online poker site, you’re going to want to make a deposit, in order to play poker games at that Bitcoin poker site.

When you decide to do this, the poker site will offer you some free money, to get you started, and for saying thanks for choosing them.

Most Bitcoin poker bonuses come as set deals. In short, if you decide to deposit 1BTC at your chosen poker site, you will be given either the equivalent of a percentage of that deposit back again as bonus, or you’ll get a fixed sum as a bonus amount, based on how much you deposited.

Will I get my bonus straight away?

Unlike Bitcoin casino and sportsbook websites, most Bitcoin poker sites aren’t going to hand you your bonus in a lump sum. That is unfortunate, but it also has its perks. Normally, with an online casino, you’d have to spend the bonus amount a specific amount of times before you could withdraw your winnings.

However, with most first deposit bonuses at poker sites, your bonus will be released to you in smaller installments, once you have wagered certain amounts of money. This mean that in effect, you will bypass wagering requirements. You won’t really, though, since you’ll still need to wager a specific amount of money in order to “unlock” your first deposit bonus.

Keep in mind that not all poker sites work like this. Some Bitcoin poker sites really do give you your first deposit bonus in one lump sum, but then you’ll have to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can withdraw.

Can I unlock my first deposit bonus quicker?

There is a way that you can unlock your first deposit bonus quicker. You’re not going to like it, though. If your chosen Bitcoin poker site has decided to give your first deposit bonus in installments, then the quicker you wager, the quicker you’ll receive your first deposit bonus. Some first deposit bonuses come with time limitations, so you may want to wager your poker cash quicker, to not only unlock the bonus quicker, but also to ensure that it doesn’t expire.

Other deposit bonuses

There are other types of deposit bonuses at Bitcoin poker sites, too. These can include re-deposit bonuses. They work in much the same way as first deposit bonuses, although they may be worth more or less than the original deposit bonus. These can be paid out in lump sums or in instalments, depending on the Bitcoin poker site in question.

Is a first deposit bonus worth it for playing online poker?

Whether or not a first deposit bonus is worth claiming when you are going to be playing at a Bitcoin poker site depends on two things. The first thing it depends on is how much you are going to deposit, and the second thing is the terms and conditions of the bonus.

You should always check the terms and conditions to ensure that they are fair, and you should also decide for yourself whether large first deposit bonuses, or smaller first deposit bonuses interest you more. Generally, though, most people claim these bonuses, since they are only going to be offered them once.

Where can I claim first deposit bonuses?

If you’re interested in claiming Bitcoin poker bonuses such as first deposit bonus, then CloudBet is a great place to start. They offer a pretty standard and fair welcome bonus for first time players. We’d always recommend playing at CloudBet for decent first deposit poker bonuses with Bitcoins.