No Deposit Bonuses – BitCoin Poker

bonus-no-depositWhilst we know that a first deposit bonus is offered to players who make their very first deposit at Bitcoin poker sites, what are no deposit bonuses? No deposit bonuses basically work in a similar manner, in that a player can acquire free cash from an online poker site.

However, there are several key differences between the two types of Bitcoin poker bonuses, as we shall see in this brief article. Firstly, let’s start with the most obvious question. If you don’t know already, what is a no deposit bonus?

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus will see players able to claim free funds from the Bitcoin poker site, without having to make a deposit, or use any of their own money themselves. This sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

By and large, though, most no deposit required bonuses tend to be fairly small in stature, meaning that you won’t actually pocket that much cash. On the plus side, though, these bonuses are free and won’t cost you a penny. They also make an ideal welcoming gift from the Bitcoin poker site, so that you can check out what games they have, how they work and what you are likely to have to wager per game when you play.

Is a no deposit bonus really free?

They say that nothing worth having comes for free. Well, that is even kind of true with no deposit bonuses. Only partially, though. Whilst some no deposit bonuses offered at Bitcoin poker sites are absolutely free (in every sense of the word), most are not. True, it won’t cost you a penny to claim a no deposit bonus. It will also be totally free to spend the bonus on games you wish to play.

However, if you win real money and decide to withdraw it, that’s where the problem lies. Many no deposit bonuses at Bitcoin poker sites come with wagering requirements. This means that you will need to wager the no deposit bonus amount a specific number of times before you can withdraw.

For example, if a Bitcoin poker site offered you 1BTC as a no deposit bonus, then you can claim it, and spend it all. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, though, you would need to wager that 1BTC amount a number of times before any withdrawals are permitted. This is standard practice, and part and parcel of all online gambling sites, whether they offer Bitcoins, poker or anything else.

What can I use my no deposit bonus on?

Some Bitcoin poker sites are quite strict about what you can use your no deposit bonus on. Others aren’t as strict. Some may give you a free hand to use your bonus on any game that they host. Some sites may only give you a handful of games to choose from, perhaps even just one. However, that’s not really important.

What is important is that you find a Bitcoin poker site that allows you to use your bonus on the poker games that you wish to play in the future. That way, you will be able to gauge how much to your liking certain games are, and how they work.

Can I still claim a first deposit bonus, if I’ve claimed a no deposit bonus?

Whether or not you can still claim a first deposit bonus after claiming a no deposit bonus depends on the Bitcoin poker site you are playing at. Some Bitcoin poker sites will permit players to claim both. Some won’t have both options, in which case it really is a case of either or.

It should also be said that Bitcoin poker sites which only offer no deposit bonuses tend to make their bonuses pretty sizeable, in terms of cash. Those sites which offer both types of poker bonuses will make their no deposit bonus rather small in size, so that are more inclined to claim the first deposit bonus, which will have greater wagering requirements.

Where can I claim no deposit bonuses?

CloudBet is the number one place to play Bitcoin poker online. They carry a host of sensational Bitcoin poker bonuses, and their wagering requirements and terms and conditions are absolutely fair. We’d recommend claiming bonuses with CloudBet, if Bitcoin poker is your cup of tea.