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Best BTC Poker Sites for Omaha players

omaha-handOmaha is one of the most beloved poker games, and the ability to play it with Bitcoins makes it all the merrier. If you want to play Omaha with Bitcoins, but you aren’t sure how, then this guide is for you.

In it, we will tell you how to find the best BTC poker sites for Omaha players, and tell you a little but about the game itself, if you don’t know too much about it.

What is Omaha?

Omaha is one of the most popular forms of poker online, even for Bitcoin players. It is quite similar to Texas Hold ‘em poker, in that there are community cards, such as flop, turn and river cards. Betting involves big blinds and small blinds, and players can raise or call bets.

A winner is determined when a player uses two of their hole cards and three of the community cards to form a five-card hand. The player with the highest ranking hand wins and they will gather the pot. In the event of tie, a split pot is awarded between the winning players. Several variants of Omaha exist, including Hi-Lo.

Best Poker Sites for Omaha Players

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Find a site which offers Omaha poker

If you wish to play a game of Omaha with your Bitcoins, then you are going to need to find an online casino which not only accepts Bitcoins, but that also offers Omaha. There are several of these around, but it is ideal to find one which also offers the Omaha variants, as well.

After all, not everybody is accustomed to playing the standard Omaha game. A quick check of what games an online casino or BTC poker site offers, should reveal whether or not they offer these games.

How to play guides are essential

Again, not everybody knows how to play Omaha. In that case, reading up on the game before hand is advantageous. However, some BTC poker sites will actually offer you free play demos of the game, which you can use to learn how to play it, without spending a single Bitcoin.

Some of these Bitcoin poker and casino sites will also host how to play guides. These are even better, since they will guide you through the process of playing Omaha at a pace better suited to your individual needs. Only after you have learned how to play Omaha, should you decide to sit down and wager Bitcoins on the game.

Grab a bonus to boost your balance

Most major BTC poker and casinos sites which offer Omaha, also offer big bonuses. Omaha is normally a relatively cheap game, although some high-stakes Omaha games do exist. Whichever Omaha game you wish to play, it isn’t going to hurt to claim a bonus to boost your bankroll and balance. You will find that most BTC poker sites offer a welcome bonus, which can see you double your original deposit. That should provide you with adequate funds to play Omaha at their casino and poker gambling portals.

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One place where you can start your quest for Omaha Bitcoin games, is mBit Casino. This top Bitcoin accepting online casino site has a host of great poker games, which you can wager your Bitcoins on. They also carry a top quality welcome bonus, which (as mentioned previously) will double the amount that you decide to deposit.

You will also find many other hugely entertaining Bitcoin poker games, when you decide to play at mBIT Casino. Personally, there isn’t really a better BTC poker site or casino site, offering this many great poker games and bonuses, all under one roof.