Industry News Star Trek is coming to Blockchain

Star Trek is coming to Blockchain

June 4, 2019

The game developer Lucid Sight is taking the famous science fiction franchise to the blockchain. The company is taking the job along with the media company CBS Interactive. Together, they will bring the Star Trek franchise to this tech along with collectives and gameplay.

The news is big because it accompanies one of the biggest TV show series in history. Not only that, but it also comes with the added name of CBS, which is one of the dominant news and media companies in the US. The two names are bound to get people’s’ attention and now, the question is how will the same focus translate itself into the wider cryptocurrency community.

Lucid Sight Deal

On Tuesday, the company revealed it made a deal with CBS which will introduce the famous universe of TV shows and films to the blockchain. The medium for the same process will be a digital video game that will use blockchain tech to organize and define its operations. Right now, this is not that unusual, because a range of both regular games and esports utilize the different cryptocurrency networks to provide their so-called dapps.

Here, ethereum is the most popular choice, but so are tron, EOS and a range of other options. Still, most of these games, especially those on the altcoin blockchains are basically casinos that are designed for cryptocurrency betting. It is certain that CBS and Lucid Sight are planning something bigger and more complex.

CSC Game

The game that will be developed in the Lucid Sight team is called CSC. This space-based title should appear fast on the market. The developers believe they can have it in front of Trekkies and other interested individuals before the end of 2019.

The game will feature starships of the Star Trek universe which will be on sale for a limited time. In that period, users will be able to get even the iconic U.S.S Enterprise. It, like everything else in the game, will be sold as a unique digital collectible. Cofounder and CTO of Lucid Sight, Fazri Zubair, said that he and the rest of the company were very excited to get a chance to build this game.

According to him, Star Trek has been a huge inspiration since his very young age to explore a career in technology. This is why he finds it a huge honor to be the one who introduces the series to the blockchain technology. He especially noted something that many fans of the universe will understand – the chance to build the first-ever blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise.

CSC Back End and Network

The dapp will be placed on the ethereum network and all spaceships sold there will be in the form of tokens, set up on top of ETH ones. Each one will be uniquely numbered based on their order in which they will be created. The collectible elements of the game will use the ERC-721 standard. It allows for the market of unique and also non-fungible tokes. These will be fully tradable outside of the game as much as inside of it.

They will also be present on the Open Sea and other third-party marketplaces. This makes CSC a setup that is first and foremost based on the collecting of valuable in-game assets. Here, they will be ships, but it is likely that the tokens will quickly expand to include famous individuals from the Star Trek universe and additional collectible entities.

Gameplay and Setup

When it comes to the actual gameplay mechanics of CSC, the game will be an open-universe title where the players will be able to command the same starships they own. These crafts will then be able to mine, craft items on the ethereum network, harvest material, and many other things. Essentially, they will provide the gamers with a chance to create items and then trade them with others in the same ecosystem, inside and another side of the game.

This is a popular basis for many so-called crafting games, like many of those which utilize cards as the carriers of value. There are already a number of card crafting and card trading games, but CSC will be the next step forward in gaming. With a dynamic setup where the players can manipulate their assets inside of a gaming universe to create even more assets, the game is clearly the next level of dapp titles.

Expansion of Star Trek and Blockchain

The CSC is not the only dapp that is looking to enter the Star Trek universe. Not long ago William Shatner, the actor who became famous in the original series as Captain Kirk, announced his partnership with Matterum.

This blockchain company is creating its asset passport tech that will build smart contracts related to individual collectible items, especially from science fiction series and movies. This would make it impossible to introduce fraudulent items to the market and thus scam the collectors.

This project is still in its infancy but there are high hopes that Shatner’s celebrity presence could help it enter the marketplace sooner than later. With a Matterum passport confirming the authenticity of an item, the value of the entire market of collectibles would also gradually begin to climb.

Star Trek and Tech

Finally, Star Trek is the most natural ally to any kind of advancement that is related to cutting edge changes in technology. As Zubair stated, the show was one of the key influence for many people across the tech world for more than 50 years. Even the generation that ushered in the first IT revolution in the early 1980s was among those that grew up with the original TV show that featured Captain Kirk and the entire first crew.

Today, Star Trek is once again at the forefront of emerging tech and the fans will be supportive of this fact for sure. The question of SCS and its success remains open, being that the franchise did not always get a chance to be made into great video games. However, regardless of its success or even potential failure, it is great to see that Star Trek is boldly going towards a new technology frontier.

Source: CoinDesk