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Basketball betting with Bitcoin

basketball2Basketball is a popular sport, even if it hasn’t quite reached the heights of football, horse racing or other major sports in the online betting market.

As everybody knows, this sport is played with five players on a team, whereby two teams attempt to “dunk” or shoot a ball through hoop attached 10ft into the air.

Having first appeared in 1891 in the United States, this American sport has begun to be played across the globe, and is almost always an indoor sport when played professionally.

Outdoor basketball is reserved for street players, or amateurs. This mixture of amateur and professional sports makes it great to stick Bitcoin bets on.

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What kind of competitions can you bet on with Bitcoin?

The two main competitions in basketball are the NBA (National Basketball Association, which is played in the United States and Canada, and the EuroLeague, which is available for European teams.

South America and Asian countries also have their own domestic basketball leagues, and there is a world championship, known as the FIBA World Championship for international basketball teams.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) first appeared in 1946, and is played between 30 clubs. Of those 30 clubs, 29 are based in the USA, with just one appearing in Canada. Originally only 11 teams competed in this league, but in today’s league, there are two conferences, each with three divisions of five teams.

Like other North American sports, play-offs are used to determine an overall national champion, since that format is very popular on that side of the Atlantic. To date, the NBA side with the most titles is the Boston Celtics, who have won a 17 championships. The NBA is without a doubt, the best basketball event to place Bitcoin bets on.

The EuroLeague

The EuroLeague (also known as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, due to its sponsor), is the highest professional sports competition for basketball players in Europe. The EuroLeague actually goes back to 1958, although under other names. The actual merger to create the modern EuroLeague occurred in 2000. Twenty four teams compete in the league, with 8 of those having to qualify for it.

After the regular season, the top 16 begin group stage games (two groups of 8 teams). The top four teams in each group will go into the quarter-finals, with the winner advancing to the Final Four, and eventually to the EuroLeague final. EuroLeague teams are generally filled with the champions of the European domestic leagues, much in the same way as the UEFA Champions League is in football.

FIBA World Championship

The FIBA (FédérationInternationale de Basketball) is the governing body of basketball. This organisation was founded in 1950, and hosts the FIBA World Championship, which is similar in format to that of the FIFA World Cup in football. Every four years, a tournament is held.

A total of 6 European teams qualify for the FIBA World Championship, whilst 3 African teams, 3 Asian teams, 5 American sides (North, Central and South America), 2 Oceania teams, the defending Olympic champion, the host team and 4 wild card teams are selected for the tournament.

In 2019, the tournament will include 32 teams for the very first time. You’ll only have the chance to bet on this event with your Bitcoins once every four years.

Other basketball competitions

Even though the NBA and EuroLeague are very prestigious basketball competitions, there are other professional basketball competitions to bet your Bitcoins on, such as national domestic leagues. All countries which play basketball have their own domestic divisions, and many of these can be found to bet on at Bitcoin sportsbooks.

Similarly, college basketball is also massive. In the USA, the NCAA Division I, III, III and NAIA Division I and II are hot competitions for amateur basketball bettors. Many of the stars of the future will play in these divisions, so bets can be exciting and unpredictable, which adds to the fun.

Where can I bet on tennis with Bitcoins?

Placing bets on basketball with Bitcoins is a lot easier than you might think. The hardest thing to do is find a Bitcoin sportsbook that is worthy of your bets, and one which hosts plenty of basketball fixtures for you to wager on. Fortunately, we’d done the hard work for you.

Once such site is CloudBet. They not only offer bets on all of the competitions above, and with Bitcoins; but they also carry some superb odds, and many different kinds of ways to wager on your favourite “ball game”.