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Bitcoin Mobile Betting Apps

img_1You don’t have to visit an online sportsbook to place mobile bets. Bitcoin sports bets and casino game wagers can also be made via mobile betting apps. The use of Bitcoin for placing sporting wagers and casino bets is growing each day, and naturally, the sites which offer these kinds of bets are keen to join in on the latest craze, mobile betting.

Most of the top Bitcoin mobile betting apps will run on iOS (Apple based operating systems) and Android powered portable gaming devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Here’s a brief rundown of the more popular betting apps which you can use to place sports bets and casino wagers.

Best Mobile Betting Apps:

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For iPhone

The iPhone is a hugely popular device for placing Bitcoin bets. Like smartphones, it is somewhat limited in terms of what graphics in can offer, but most of the major Bitcoin betting sites are more than adept at being compatible with such a device.

Powered by the iOS operating system, iPhones are constantly being upgraded to newer and newer models. Anybody hoping to place Bitcoin bets with iPhones should make sure that they at least have an iPhone 4 series or better, to ensure complete compatibility.

For iPad

iPads on the other hand, do not need to be as new. The iPads is far more compliant with most major Bitcoin betting sites. It allows players much more freedom, due to its larger screen and improved graphics capabilities. It is also not as sluggish as iPhones, albeit more difficult to carry about the place.

Also powered by Apple’s iOS operating system, no players should any difficulties in playing their favourite casino games with Bitcoins, when using iPads that are at a couple of years old, although of course, the newer your device is, the better your Bitcoin mobile betting experience will be.

For Android

Android powered portable gaming devices come in two formats. Firstly, there are smartphones, and secondly, there are tablets. When it comes to Android, players will find that the same is true of iOS powered devices. You are going to get a far smoother, more streamlined and compatible experience using tablets, over smartphones.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t easily play your favourite games with Android powered devices. The Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle are both two major types of Android tablets, although most modern Samsung phones and tablets (such as the Galaxy range) should easily enable you to place Bitcoin mobile bets, too.

For Windows

Windows is a tricky operating system for placing Bitcoin bets. Not because it cannot handle what is required, but because some Bitcoin betting sites simply aren’t compatible with this operating system. Windows phones may have issues, but most Windows powered tablets should encounter no such difficulties.

In most cases, Bitcoin mobile casino sites won’t require you to download any apps, and instead they can be played over your portable gaming device’s web browser. If your Bitcoin betting site offers the latter, then players should have no problem using Windows Phone or its more recent mobile operating systems to place bets with Bitcoins.

Best BitCoin Betting App

Some Bitcoin betting and casino apps require you to download their software to your portable gaming device. Others simply require you to sign into your account, and enable you to play over your portable gaming device’s web browser. Either way, one site which won’t let you down is Cloudbet.

This Bitcoin accepting mobile betting site can be played over your browser, so provided that you have a semi-decent model, you should be able to access a wide range of betting markets, some casino games and poker.