Live Dealer Dice for Bitcoins

Dice games are always popular at online casino sites. Whilst they are yet to take off as a live dealer game in many top online casino sites, several Bitcoin casino sites have beaten them to the punch. bitcoin live dealer dice

You can play live dealer dice games at several major Bitcoin sites today, and unlike craps (which can often be too complicated), there really isn’t much you have to learn in order to play these simple Bitcoin gambling games, as you shall find out in this live dealer dice Bitcoin game article.

About live dealer dice

Craps has been around for a long time, but for some reason or another, it has never really took off in the live dealer casino format. This is where live dealer dice enters the fray. This is a brand new type of gambling game, which is played with dice and streamed to your computer via a video stream. It is primed so that you can bet on it with Bitcoins.

A real to life human dealer will roll five dice, with each die containing the numbers one to six. Just like in craps, Sic Bo or roulette, it is the job of the player to choose what will show up on the dice, based on the list of bets available. It’s a fairly simple concept to grasp, made all the more fun thanks to the Bitcoin live dealer casino format it follows.


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Types of live dealer dice bets

First you need to decide how much you are going to bet. However, before you place your bet, you may wish to understand the different types of bets, and decide which is best suited for you. Players can choose from four types of bets.

The first type of bet is known as a combination bet, where the player bets on at least one pair, two different pairs, a three of a kind, a sequence of numbers, a pair and a triple, four of a kind, five of a kind, or six different numbers. The best paying prize is awarded for players correctly guessing a five of a kind.

Alternatively, players can bet on specific numbers appearing, based on two or three dice. Players are also able to bet on the total sum of the dice, with different odds paid out for varying sums. Lastly, the old odd/even favourites are also available to be bet on in this game.

Winning in live dealer dice

After a player has chosen their bet and staked their wager, the real to life human dealer will roll the dice out onto the table. If the bet that the player has made matches those on the dice, then they will pick up the relevant pay-out, as dictated by the paytable, which appears on the players screen at home. If the bet doesn’t correlate to what appears on the dice, the player loses their bet. When it comes to live dealer dice games for Bitcoins, it really is as simple as that.

Where can I find live dealer dice Bitcoin games?

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