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maxresdefaultIn the domain of video games, there are several genres that seem to be a dream come true when it comes to perceiving them as competitive sports or E-Sports. In this category, fighter games, MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) and first-person shooters are some of the best-known ones, but RTS or real-time strategies have to be one of its finest examples.

As a spectator E-Sport that simulates warfare, both from the perspective of individual units and the battlefield as a whole, RTS games provide the fast-paced action, along with the strategic and tactical decisions. This tempo makes watching RTS matches a very immersive and thrilling experience, which is why these types of games are extremely popular with all types of E-Sports fans.

But, in this genre, there is a game that is the undisputed ruler of the entire field and it is called StarCraft 2. This science fiction strategy series became a classic almost two decades ago, but it still dominates all other game competitors.

With StarCraft 2 (know simply as SC2), people all over the world not only get a chance to enjoy the best players battle it out, but they can also take the opportunity and bet on the same matches using BitCoin. This possibility makes the same E-Sport a lot more exciting and dynamic, but here are other facts about the game which created it into a global gaming phenomenon.

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StarCraft as a Masterpiece of Balance

When the original StarCraft came out in 1998, it seems that its creators, the Blizzard Entertainment Company, were making just another RTS game, which were already common back then. But, as the weeks passed since the game’s release, it became clear that it represented something a lot more precious.

In less than a year, the game was already competitively played in many countries, but nowhere more than in South Korea. Here, StarCraft LAN parties were one of the most important predecessors of E-Sports as a global happening. In the next decade, even though the game’s graphics became obsolete and there were other RTS games that came and went, StarCraft continued to be the most played RTS game in the E-Sports domain.

Much of its popularity can be traced to the unique setup of the game: instead of providing players with a choice of factions that are different only in cosmetics, Blizzard decided to truly make not only two different sides, but created three distinctive races to choose from.

Because of this, the game has Terrans (humans that use futuristic war machines), Zerg (a mindless race of alien beings with a central hive mind and ferocious insect-like organization) and Protoss (an advanced alien race with a technology depended on energy shields and beam weapons). Here, every race provided a completely different strategy and E-Sports players began to differentiate according to their abilities with one or the other of these.

Thanks to this diversity and Blizzard’s continuous commitment to update the game with balancing patches, StarCraft conquered the RTS E-Sports World. When the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty came out in 2010, it already had legions of followers, but also all the reasons to be popular, bringing new graphics and an even more enhanced battle system.

It was followed by expansion packs Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, all of which became huge hits. Online casinos like mBit Casino and BitCasino.io recognized their success, which is the reason why they are offering their users a chance to bet on the same E-Sports using BitCoin.

The StarCraft 2 E-Sports in Numbers

Since the game became a part of the E-Sports community, it has provided its players with almost 18 million US dollars that were awarded in 3200 tournaments on every continent. In the meantime, StarCraft has become one of the most popular sports (not just E-Sports) in South Korea, whose players are leading the scoreboards in practically every competition.

For example, the most successful competitor from this country, Jang Min-chul competing under the name of MC, has so far earned more than half a million US dollars from the SC2 competitions. This type of success is possible because mainly because of the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series, simply known as WCS.

This is the biggest competition for the game and it is supported by Blizzard itself, which is investing a lot of time and energy in making the game even friendlier to spectators and E-Sports fans. This is why, unlike some games that are interesting for the competitors, but not as much so for the viewers, SC2 presents everything to the game’s spectators a crystal clear way. Because of this, the same E-Sport is one of the fastest-growing in terms of involving new spectators into its events.

How SC2 Becomes Even More Interesting to Watch

Those who desire to make this thrilling game even more interesting as a spectator sport have a great option at their disposal: betting on it using BitCoin. This cryptocurrency is the more popular and widely used in the world and it makes any betting process a lot more effective and easier.

Because it is not regulated by the different national legislature, the currency is free from many hampering requirements that kill off much of the fun for traditional online casinos. In fact, thanks to its organization as a free digital currency, BitCoin with either have no transfer fees, or it will include only a minuscule amounts, making attaining a profit using online betting a lot easier.

But, all of this does not make BitCoin problematic in any other way and using it remains fully safe and protected, but also anonymous. For all those who seem interested in this notion, BitCasino.io and mBit Casino should be their first destination.

For anyone who loves E-Sports or is just thinking about getting more involved with them, StarCraft 2 and BitCoin are the ideal combination for a passionate and profitable pastime.